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Joe Biden should change things and get Ukraine to invade Russia.

Or at least threaten it.

This would show Vladimir Putin who the boss was. He would also give Russian curd a taste of its own medicine. Why should Putin make all the threats?

While there, he was also able to draw the attention of Chinese Communist dictator Xi Jinping, another harasser, by making Taiwan threaten to invade mainland China, not the other way around.

They don’t really have to launch invasions, you understand, but just make the threat and see if it works.

It would be like Peter Sellers’ classic movie “The Roaring Mouse.” It is a Cold War satire in which a small fictional country, the Duchy of Grand Fenwick, declares war on the United States in hopes of losing it to foreign aid.

Why should these guys have fun while scaring the rest of the world? Maybe it’s time to scare them.

If nothing else, a bully understands a punch in the nose. The whole world would be cheering because everyone loves the underprivileged, even when they lose.

It is similar to rewarding the millions of illegal immigrants who invaded the U.S. from Mexico with cash, health care, food, transportation, housing, work, and school. They can even vote in New York.

But Biden does not have the ability to stand up to the tyrants or Mexican drug cartels behind the border invasion. It is easier to calm them down.

He would rather hit Americans who disagree with him than opponents who promise real harm.

Putin, with 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border, is threatening to invade Ukraine if the US and NATO do not give in to their demands, the main demand is that Ukraine not become a member of NATO.

Apparently, this demand has not started even as US, Russian and NATO officials continue to meet to discuss the situation.

Although it has no rival for Russia, Ukraine has an army of 297,000 soldiers, most with combat experience. Rus has an army of 1.5 million.

Biden has promised “severe economic sanctions” on Russia invading Ukraine, but given its humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan, few take it seriously.

In addition, Biden received nothing in return when he dropped sanctions against Russia so that it could complete the construction of its Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline carrying energy from Russia to Germany.

But with Biden you never know. At the close of the meetings, he is likely to invite Russia to become a member of NATO. If Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia can be members, why not Russia?

That way, Putin could no longer complain about NATO expansion because it would be part of it. Biden could even give him a deal on the fees.

However, given Putin’s belligerent attitude, he would most likely reject the invitation and, as Groucho (not Karl) Marx says, “I wouldn’t want to join a club that had me as a member.”

In addition, he should respond to Xi Jinping, who wants to swallow Taiwan as Putin wants to swallow Ukraine.

Little Taiwan is no rival to China, even though it is separated from the mainland by the Taiwan Strait. China’s population is 1.4 billion. Taiwan’s population is 24 million. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has 2.1 million soldiers. The Taiwanese army has only 165,000 troops.

Therefore, it is absurd to think that Taiwan would invade China, just as it is ridiculous to say the same about Ukraine and Russia. But you never know what a missile might do with a nuclear weapon

And with half the Chinese population shutting down the other half due to the wild spread of COVID virus in mainland China, some Chinese military leaders could take the threat seriously, which could lead to real problems.

But don’t worry. General Mark Milley, the president of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, would give many warnings to the Chinese.

In the movie Sellers, a small group of invaders land in New York and find the city deserted due to a mock disaster throughout the city. Men enter a high-tech lab and inadvertently capture a unique “Quadium” bomb that can destroy the world.

With the bomb threat, they win the war.

But it’s just a movie.

Peter Lucas is a veteran Massachusetts political journalist and columnist.

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